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Volunteering Opportunities
MWABA offers many opportunities for parents, students and others to volunteer. What ever your talent or desire, MWABA can find a place for you to be involved.

  • Team Liaison: Parents can volunteer to work as a MWABA Liaison/Parent Rep for a sport their student participates in. Liaisons are automatically MWABA board members. Every team needs a liaison! It is easy and fun to support your team this way.

  • MWABA Executive Committee: The Executive Committee oversees the operations of MWABA.

  • Event Planning: People can volunteer to work on event planning committees, task forces, etc.

  • Team Commitment Coordinator: Teams are assigned volunteer commitments to assist in MWABA fund raising such as working concessions, parking cars for Badger football games, and assisting in one of the other fund raising events. People can volunteer to work these events with their team.