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Volleyball - Girls

Madison West Girls Volleyball

About Girls Volleyball
Madison West High School fields Girl's Volleyball teams at the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman levels. All teams compete in the Big Eight conference. Open tryouts begin in mid-August (per WIAA rules) and the season runs from late August through late October.

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West Athletics Girls Volleyball Home Page HERE 
- Results for the current season are located HERE

The West Girls Volleyball Team is selling Bucky Books this year - send an email to: to purchase a book and help support this fundraiser! Each book comes with a coupon valid for a FREE Coffee & Donut from Dunkin' Donuts! 

Open Gyms:
Open gyms will be on Tuesdays from 6-8 pm for the remainder of the summer until tryouts in mid Aug. These will be run by summer captains Adele Huie and Lucy Cranley. They have some fun plans for the team including a mini tournament with the Boys Volleyball team. This is open to incoming freshmen as well! The COVID screener must be filled out to participate every day (same for coach contact days):
Masks are still mandatory!

Coach Contact Days:
Coach contact days will be on the remainder of the Thursdays in July (7/15, 7/22, 7/29). These will be held in the Stevens Gym from 7:30-9:30. During these the coaches including myself will be running the practices. I highly encourage everyone to attend these if possible. This is open to incoming freshmen as well!

Summer Camp:
We have been offered a chance to participate in an MMSD summer camp held at LaFollette in August. This camp will be run by Scott Blackmon who is a high profile coach out of Milwaukee. The camp is run Aug 2-4 9am-12pm for 9th and 10th graders and then Aug 9-11 for 11th and 12th graders. The cost is $25 (includes camp t-shirt) or $15 (does not include camp t-shirt). I highly encourage everyone to sign up as this is a great opportunity to get some quality coaching and reps before tryouts! The registration link is here:
*Sign up deadline is July 22nd so don't wait!

Tryouts will be Monday and Tuesday (August 16th and 17th). Freshman tryouts will be from 4:30pm-6:30pm both days. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be from 7:00pm-9:00pm both days. Athletes must attend both days. The tryouts will be held in the Stevens Gym at West. Please use the Tech door entrances or the Regent St. doors. 

Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your session to get checked in and ready to go. 

To streamline signing up we have created an online signup and questionnaire found HERE. 

Please fill this out before coming to tryouts as it will make the process much easier. If you have any conflicts with tryouts please reach out to me as soon as possible to work out an alternative.

*Note: There is a possibility a few freshmen may be asked to attend the later session on Tuesday. This is not an indication they will make a higher team but an attempt to evaluate at a different level. 

Tryout requirements: Mask, water bottle, athletic apparel (fitted shirt, shorts or spandex, athletic socks, court shoes). Knee pads are highly encouraged. Absolutely no exposed sports bras, spaghetti straps, jeans, or leggings. If you are not in proper attire you will not be able to participate. If you have any questions on attire feel free to reach out. Additionally, no club gear is to be worn during tryouts.

Tryout process: 
1) Athletes arrive at West and get checked in and ready to play. A pin on number will be given to the athletes to wear.
2) Coaches will do an introduction.
3) Athletes will warm up
4) Athletes will be evaluated in different volleyball skills through drills and gameplay (passing, serving, blocking, hitting, setting, etc). They will also be evaluated on attitude, hustle, and sportsmanship. Additionally, a vertical jump test and a speed test will be done.
*Note: Coaches and independent evaluators will be cross-evaluating athletes and grades will be averaged. This method allows us to have multiple scores and comments per athlete to ensure each athlete is fairly evaluated.
5) Following Tuesday's tryout, emails will be sent to all athletes individually giving them information on what team they have made or if they unfortunately did not make a spot on the team. If there are any issues with results I am happy to discuss them further just reach out. 
6) Practices begin Wednesday (Aug 18th). Practice times will be 5-7 for Freshman, 7-9 for JV and Varsity.

Tryouts can be a scary thing for athletes. The coaches and I will try to make it as enjoyable as possible. My advice to all the athletes is to come out and leave it all on the court. That way no matter what the outcome is you know you gave it everything you had, and that is something to be proud of. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Go Regents!

Thank you,
Coach Ben Sperstad

TRYOUT TIPS from Coach Sperstad


Q: Any t-shirts that should be avoided, ie club team?
A: Yes, no club apparel will be permitted during the 2 tryout days (t-shirts, backpacks, socks, etc). This is to ensure unbiased evaluation of athletes. 

Q: Will we be practicing everyday during the season?
A: Our practice schedule will depend on the school schedule. If the school is open everyday during the week then we will be practicing every day during the week.

Q: Will players be able to do club and high school if the seasons overlap?
A: The expectation is that anyone on the team is prioritizing West volleyball. We will not have weekend tournaments so it may be possible to play both but if there are conflicts, West will need to come first. Feel free to email and discuss this more with Coach Ben if you have concerns.

Q: What will the tryouts be like?
A: Two separate groups on Feb. 22nd and the 23rd. Times are tbd for each group.
Group 1. Freshman*
Group 2. Upperclassmen
*Freshman can be invited to the upperclassman tryouts on day two if there is potential to join JV/Varsity
-Expect to have warm-ups, some drills, and some scrimmaging
-Try outs can be nerve wracking, but try your best and be proud that you’ve put yourself out there. We want to see skill, effort, someone who has a good attitude, and is a good teammate. 
-There is a ton of advice on YouTube- here is one!

Q: When are the Freshman tryouts? What are the dates for the  JV/ Varsity tryouts?

A: Monday and Tuesday, Feb 22nd and 23rd. Times have not been set.

Q: Do we need to get new physicals for this year if you're a sophomore?
A: If you got your physical when you were a freshman you should be ok.....if it was more than two years ago you would need to get a new one

Q: How many freshmen have been on the two teams the last two years?
A: Last year the freshman teams had 13 and 14 athletes respectively. 

Q: How many students make the teams?
A: It depends on the team and the players. Each team generally takes 12-15 players.

Q: Are we going to have captain's practice/open gyms before tryouts?
A:  We will get those set up as soon as the gyms are open. 

Q:If a freshman goes to the freshman tryouts can they still make varsity or jv?
A: Yes. All freshmen will be at the first tryout. If there's someone that we think is more advanced than we would ask them to come to the upperclassmen time slots to try out.

Q: Will there be cuts?
A: Yes for JV and Varsity. There were ~13/14 students on each of the Freshman teams so depending on how many athletes we have we may have to have Freshman cuts due to limited staff, resources, and gym space. 

Q: Is my physical still valid?
A: If you are not sure, you can email Coach Ben and he can double-check for a valid physical on file. If you had a physical in 2019 you are good. If you had one in 2018 that may be expired by tryouts.





Head Coach Ben Sperstad

Lisa Paasch - JV Coach

Katelyn Brengosz - Freshman Coach

Kahara Bel Franze - Freshman Coach

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