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Campaign for Madison West

The Campaign for Madison West is working to EXPAND the Athletics Addition that was approved by voters of the 2020 Referendum. This includes a larger swimming pool AND a suspended running track/fitness space & multipurpose room. 

The Fundraising Goal for all of these athletics projects is ~$7M total: 

Expanded Swimming Pool: ~$2.5M (must be raised by September 6, 2021 or the pool will NOT be expanded)

Suspended Track/Fitness Space: ~$3.9M (must raise ~$2.9M by September 6, 2021 to expand building to allow for future build of track/fitness space AND multipurpose room)

Multipurpose Room: ~$0.6-1M (full build-out of this extra room above the new locker rooms)

Donations can also be made by cash or check using THIS FORM.

 [NOTE: By paying with cash or a check, you will save MWABA from deducting the credit card processing fee from your donation (~3%).]

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  • Please note that your donation to the campaign will be reduced by the credit card processing fee (~3%). Example, a $1,000 credit card donation will be a ~$970 donation to the campaign. To pay by cash or check and save us the processing fee, please fill out and mail this form.

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